Aiden Starr in humiliation Aiden Starr pounds fresh meat

Tags: Humiliation   Straight   Rough Sex   Male Sub   Femdom   Mask   Tens Unit   Cbt   Prostate Stimulation   Nipple Clamps   Pussy Eating

Category: Rough Sex

From: divinebitches

Date: January 30, 2018

Aiden Starr spends most of her time testing Rick Fantana, a potential slave. Rick is bound, wearing e-stim pads to his legs and a mask covering his face. Aiden cranks up the power and pulls out the zapper. Rick shouts as electricity runs through his pads. This causes his muscles to seize. AidenA gives him instructions and he hopes he'll be worthy to become her slave. Aiden places a large, metal butt plug in RickA's greedy snout and attaches the tens unit to it. RickA is flooded with electric currents from the butt plug, causing sensory overload. Aiden clamps Rick with nipple clamps and edges him until Rick is ready to go. Although his cock is leaking with pre-cum, this poor meat knows that heA's not permitted to cum without authorization. Rick then gets tied to his legs. Aiden's face is fucked by Rick and Rick takes her entire fat cock. His gags make Aiden giggle in delight. Aiden begs him to put his thick, strap-on in his arse. He slaps her hard and she pounding all of her cock on this worm. Rick is an absolute buttslut, and her cock is hard-working and constantly leaking. Aiden finally uses RickA and RickA's cock for orgasm. His perfect pissy jumps all over his body. He licks her gorgeous genitals. Maybe RickA will be next once she has gotten used to it. Aiden gets in the way of Rick and he weeps. He cums hard until she gives him permission. Aiden shoves his cum down Rick's throat, then grabs Rick's sensitive cock and jerks it hard. Rick is in pain.

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