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Date: October 21, 2014

I do so for the purest of motives, Love. Not the woman's love. As amazing as she is, Maddy O'Reilly isn't worthy of my love. I do it for your love of bondage, and subject, and also hearing a sexy female scream out in pain and pleasure. You may t envision what it s just like to have such a pretty girl under my hands. If I could be seen by her her eyes would state, & ldquo; I m all yours , & rdquo; by obeying her orders however hogtied and peeking on the bed she can reveal her eagerness. After the play starts to get tough I then turn it into a gag and slip down her blindfold to her mouth. I anticipated some whining. I expected some resistance. However, Maddy gives herself over to bondage as a sheep. She also doesn't have a ounce of pretension about her. When she hurts she cries out, when aroused she cums, and if controlled she obeys. She can all three at precisely the same time, when given the chance.

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