Asa Akira in Close Up A New Job Offer

Tags: Close Up   Skinny   Asian

Category: Alt Porn

From: allgirlmassage

Date: February 19, 2012

Scene Asa, a sexy masseuse meets Sydnee on the way to work. As they talk, Sydnee informs Asa she's looking for a fresh start and a job. Asa suggested that Sydnee come along to her job to find out if she would enjoy being a Masseuse. Asa helps Sydnee to get ready and then she puts her on the table. Sydnee will show Asa how she massages clients. Asa massages SydneeAs back, then she rolls her up and gives her nice tits. Sydnee does not seem to mind, so Asa goes all out and starts kissing her pussy. Sundee sighs in delight as Asa takes her pussy to her and rubs it all over her. Sundee then flips Sundee onto her stomach, and Asa eats her pussy. Sundee let herself go, and then cums her brains. She looks open-minded enough to become a successful masseuse.

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