Bijou Steal in CockSlapping Can He Last for Two Hours

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Date: October 16, 2012

Many face-sitting enthusiasts fantasize about sitting on a cushion for the entire day. It would be a dream to sit on a round cushion all day. Many people who want to become seat cushions don't realize how difficult it can be. Particularly if Mistress wears jeans or another painful outfit. Dommes have reported that slaves boasted about their ability to take a lot, but then ended up complaining after five minutes sitting at full weight. In this clip, Mistress Bijou merely wants to see if her slave can last for just two hours. This is the length of an average movie, and she'd be thrilled to find a slave that could take her place as her cushion throughout the movie. She would naturally give her slave a few breaths of air every now and again to keep him alive. She tests her young slave in order to determine if she will make him her television cushion. You wouldn't mind being in his shoes. Are you sure you can pass the test?

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