Blake Collier in Figure Of Sexy

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Date: January 9, 2008

Blake is dressed in a tank top and shorts for the gym. At first, it looks like he is your average guy going to the gym. But, if you look closely at the bulk of his shorts, what is in them? This cinnamon-hottie, aged 23 years old, is calm, confident, and has a great sense of humor. As infectious as his smile may be, the charm only gets stronger as he begins to talk in an incredibly sexy accent almost as thick and full of passion as his cock. This UK-based treat, Hal, now calls Philly his home. He admits that his accent can be a little bit of an aphrodisiac for the girls. It's likely to have a positive effect on many more people than A'the local girlsA. Blake, who lost his virginity aged 19, was an early bloomer. However, he has been making up the difference over the past four years. This boyish Brit, who is not shy about anything, confesses to having a top dream of being a trio with a couple. Blake is packing a lot. The tank is easily removed, showing his smooth chest in a matter of seconds. A quarter-sized tank, which is a shade darker than his cocoa skin, looks great on his torso. He also has a tribal tattoo at his left bicep. To awaken the sleepy giant, he lies down and reaches into his waistband. Blake feels he is wearing too many clothes and quickly takes off his shorts to reveal his full body in his fitted underwear. His growing basket is obvious, and his perfect round arse can be seen in his form-fitting underwear. Blake walks over to the couch and puts on quite the show. He lies face down, with just his underwear pulled up to catch a glimpse of his smooth bum. He slowly gyrates and pushes into the couch. It's a show A'the Artist formerly known as A' would be proud of! Blake gives us an unabashed glimpse of his sensual moves! Blake is able to flip over his drawers and show us how envious he can be of a couch! As he strokes his semi-erect cock free from its previous confines, he brings it to life. The only thing that is visible on his smooth, silky paradiseland is his short-cropped crown fur. Other than his little patch in the south, you won't want any other hairs on your body. The views from this import range from sitting to standing up to lying down. You can see the Brit rump from standing up, so you'll be able to look at it while bent over. WeAre certain many girls have held on as he did his work! As he strokes, his face remains calm and focused. You can see his bedroom brown eyes, and the fullness of his lips as he touches his bone. Blake lies on the ground and strokes his bone until you can't stop wondering! As he releases jets after jets splattering on his stomach, he attracts 4 stars to the scene. You will be able to appreciate the Boys from the other side more after watching this mateA perform! Cheers!

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