Bryce Evans in Condom Hired Fun

Tags: Condom   Anal Sex   Brunette   Hardcore   Hairy   Big Muscles   Masturbation

Category: Threesome

From: menover30

Date: April 13, 2018

Jay and Chad are lying in their bed, while Chad communicates with Chad via his smartphone. Jay is impressed by what Chad sees, and asks Chad for a naked picture. After seeing the photo, they decided to hire him as a spice to their relationship. They are in bed when Chad hears a knock on the door. Bryce comes back to Chad's bedroom and immediately introduces himself. Chad gives Bryce a hug and comforting kiss. Chad tells Jay that he would like to watch their interactions. Jay moves over to Bryce and begins having an affair with Jay, while Chad looks on and strokes his legs through his shorts. Jay is impressed by BryceAs physique, and Chad would like to see him sucking BryceAs cock. Jay and Chad are sucking BryceA and Chad, and BryceA strokes ChadAs big cock. Jay continues to suck both Chad and Bryce for quite a while, before Chad informs Jay that he would like to see Bryce have sex with him. Jay takes Bryce first, and Bryce then fucks Jay doggy-style bent over his bed. Chad and Bryce are so obsessed with Jay that they ask Chad to get Jay fucked so that Chad can see his big cock beating Jay. Chad then takes Jay to the sex and shoots cum on his body. Jay is then suckered by Bryce who shoots the load over Jay. Jay then sucks Chad until JayA shoots the load.

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