Carmen Caliente in Body Massage After Hours Massage

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Date: June 5, 2017

Scene Masseuse Carmen Caliente has Penny Pax, her coworker, demonstrate the famous deep tissue technique. Although it's past hours, Penny has other plans. Carmen says that the procedure will take only a few moments. They might be able to use the extra time since they closed at noon today. She is a good-natured, redhead who agrees to assist her. Carmen wants to be naked during the tutorial. This is how she wants to experience a real massage. Penny begins the deep tissue massage once she is comfortable lying on her stomach. Penny is proud of CarmenAs large, round abs when she gets to her glutes. Carmen credits CarmenA's squatting exercise. Turning on her back, she lifts her legs and flails her legs. Penny suggests that she straighten her legs to improve her alignment. Carmen however wants to strengthen her pelvic muscles from the squatting. Penny explains how to massage deep tissue using either the elbow or forearm and the entire body's weight to increase pressure. Carmen believes she understands the technique and is eager to give it a try on Penny. Penny is forced to get naked after Carmen reminds Penny of the damage that oil can cause on clothing. Carmen praises PennyA for her nice body and attempts to use the massage techniques she just learned. Penny gives her high praises for what she did. Carmen then gets a good feel for her pussy. Penny decides to turn around. Penny is shown by Carmen a Feng shui technique that's gaining in popularity. Latina masseuse, who is a Latina woman of color, climbs on top of the client and shows her how Asian masseuses use pressure to massage deep tissues by massaging their bodies onto their clients. Penny finds it great, however she isn't sure she would be able to do the same for someone else. ItAs just too intimate. Carmen believes that kissing is intimater than kissing. To prove her point, she kisses Carmen. Penny accuses Penny of making her look bad. SheA's not crazy, CarmenA isn't mad. Her skin is just too soft for her to feel anything but happy. Carmen says she's long wanted to pamper her pussy. Carmen gives her an oral massage, and she makes it cum. Carmen also asks for oral sex after she has juicing Carmen's pussy. Penny allows her to twerk until she gets rid of all the cum. Carmen turns around and eats PennyA at the same moment, her pink manicured hands holding PennyA's meaty lip open. Penny is again smooched with Latina pussy. Carmen then grinds PennyA’s little pussy and screams, "I want a big man to have sex with me." Penny is sexily tribbing Penny as she rocks her hips and arches her back.

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