Drake Jaden in Sleazy Drake's Oven

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Date: December 21, 2011

We have Drake Jayden, whoA is celebrating his 27th Birthday. It was actually yesterday but it wasn't too far away. We were fortunate enough to have Mr. Dylan Roberts, a hottie from Northern California, as our guest. These boys are hard workers so we wanted to see if they would be able to have their dream vacation. Dylan would love the opportunity to visit Ireland to see the castles, and to learn more about its history. Perhaps he can go to an Irish pub to enjoy a lager or ale and get lost in their rich accents. He may find it difficult to understand after two beers. Drake is going to Mexico for what he believes will be his dream vacation. He will spend a weekend there with four adult celebrities. It's quite the party. The conversation ended with Dylan asking whether the ratio was even in real life. Both like the 50/50 ratio, but Dylan says he prefers tops at home. But when heAs working, he has the chance to spend time with men who are bigger in certain areas. He always takes advantage of this. What a trooper. Drake is flipping through a magazine and Dylan walks in to say hi. Drake gets excited to meet his friend, and the two of them start to exchange notes and catch up. Drake sees DylanA is a lot bigger than he thought and both show off their toned bodies. Dylan grins, "You still have that big dick?" Dylan is interested in a close-up as Drake climbs up onto the chair. Before he can get out, he starts to sucking DrakeA’s chest and nips. DylanA's fingers find the target, and DrakeA's shirt falls off. DrakeA is watching and Dylan falls on DrakeA's hard-working cock. Dylan spits out the meat as he moans. As Dylan takes care of his hard-cock, Drake pushes it all the way down DylanA’s throat. Dylan gets down on his knees and begins to pamper DrakeA. DrakeA is then satisfied with Dylan's sweet smile, so he reciprocates the gesture. Dylan grunts as Drake cradles his naked cock. Drake is clear as day, swirling his mouth around DylanAs hot dick. ItA's hot 69 from there as Drake is slapped by Dylan while he nursed DylanA's cock. DrakeA's tongue soon finds its way into DylanAAs backdoor. DrakeA then rubs his cock with a little oil and strides it. As Dylan begins to pipe that meat into his hole, he sits down on the uncut dick. Drake grunts while he attempts to fit that thick dick within him, as Dylan piston fists into him. DrakeA's hot little sex he slaps all over his meat, not a care in the world. Drake isn't bothered by this, as he stomps on the dick and wants every bit of it. Dylan puts Drake on his back, and he raises his legs so that his dick can get back in that ass. As Dylan takes control of that ass, Drake is there to watch. As he continues to plunge his dick into the ass, he begins doing squats inside and outside of that ans. Drake is enjoying his own, throbbing cock as he gets fisted. They slide down until they reach the ground, where Dylan continues his missionary sex. As DylanAs soft balls continue to lick his wounds, Drake cannot help but ask Dylan for more. As Dylan approaches his peak, Missionary is able to do the trick. Drake is sent over the edge when he fucks him harder and quicker. Dylan pulls out his thicker batch and then adds it to DrakeA’s matted mess.

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