Hairy Auditions 5

Tags: Hairy   Gay Porn

Category: Hairy

From: seancody

Date: July 19, 2002

I sometimes have a guy I'm just starting to meet do an audition video. This is a simplified version of the full shoot. I have him just strip down, take a look at a porno and then get off. This helps the actors get past the awkwardness and allows them to relax. IA have also added two recent audition tapes. Guy #1: Hot, straight, muscular redhead. Although he is interested in the porn business, he will not do any gay things (darn). YouA'll see him more often, even though he just came out of the Army. This 29-year old is a male with a long beard and hairy chest. He decided that his girlfriend would not be happy if he made any more videos, and decided to stop. Guy #3: Straight. Great dick with a cute face. He was uncomfortable with him jerking around in front of other guys. He was eventually evicted.

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