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Date: March 03, 2006

Hi Guys, It's me Zuzana D. I know it's been some time but when I came around everyday I'm concerned that you wouldn't like me as much. You guys know you're all of the same so if you'd me everyday I understand that you would find yourself another woman I know. Think or not I look forward to the time we have knowing that you're there makes me wet and horny. I stood massaging my stomach, my thighs and ass all over, touching and ridding my entire body from top to bottom, I know that you are watching I could hear you breathing and also will see the shadow from your cock that is growing. I began playing with my breasts, so as you know are just two of my favourite components, there large, rounded, and pillow soft too. I started playing with my tits squeezing and rubbing them tight and sat on the bed and I also gave my twat a rub and realized between my thighs. I slid my shoes off and caressed my body around and I rubbed it and pulled my bra only. I took off my bra and got up on my knees then rubbed it around my body and began shifting my butt from side to side. I played with my tits with my bra in hand, rubbing and squeezing them both and then I moved my sexy body around just to shake my tits. I laid down and shoving my breast seeing them grow and then I started caressing my bodyrubbing ass and my thighs. I held my breast in my hands and sat up and started rubbing it around and not needing to reveal favorites I tweaked at them around. I began enjoying with my pussy and reached down, it got the previous time I touched my snatch it was warm but not like that. Playing my tits gets me like this occasionally I think there's a line relationship between both. I made up on my knees and then slid my thumbs in my underwear at the waist pulling them stuck out my ass and moved my buttocks. I took them off and sat up and rubbed over my sexy hot body before pitching them into the side and played with my breast and laid down. Because I do, I got back up on my knees with my legs spread caressed my body around from my thighs into my pussy and playing with my tits and broad. I leaned forwards and moved my body so I could feel hang and shake and then back upright sat with my thighs wide, rubbing it up and down and spreading my pink. I put down and started squeezing and rubbing my tits, feeling my pussy because I caressed my melons in my hands getting juicier and I rubbed my thighs teasing my pussy more. I rolled onto my stomach and then I started squeezing my breast and rubbing my thighs down and up, teasing my pussy non stop. I played squeezing them tight and rubbing and then I started shaking about them all and pushing them together. I reached down and started rubbing my legs and I started rubbing against my snatch , my cunt was wetter than it has been in a little while. I put down to arch my back and began playing with my tits like it was the first time, squeezing and massaging them but not to demanding before I awakened and pinched my nipples. I hugged my body pushing against my tits and rubbed on them I just enjoy playing with my breasts and I hope you did also. Read more

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