Ivy LeBelleDerrick Pierce in domination Hard Luck Anal Sexandsubmission.com

Tags: Domination   Straight   Rough Sex   Pain   Feet   Gag   Hitachi   Submission   Rope Bondage   Curvy

Category: Brunette

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Date: November 16, 2017

Ivy LeBelle, a curvy brunette with a bag full of cash and some daisy Daisy Dukes on her ass is ready to begin a new and exciting life. There are two things that she doesn't know. Her car won't turn on and her location is far from ideal. She also has no cell signal. So she runs up the hills to find help. When she comes across Derek Pierce, an insane paranoid survivalist who hides in the mountains and believes she was sent to him for help, things take a twist. He needs Ivy to calm him down so he tied her wrists, and then has his perverted ways. He lets her big, bountiful tits bounce while giving her a deep throat fuck. Then he throws Ivy over his shoulder and takes her away like a caveman. He ties Ivy with rope so that her sculpted hips and butt are out of the way. Then he spanks her pale skin until she is a ball-gag and drools over her. DerekA hears in his head that she is a pain-staking slut. He breaks out the flogger to whip her legs and ass, in order to teach her how not to trespass. He mounts her and makes her writhe with delight, now she's all ready for DerekA. She will not let him go, so he can't allow her to leave. Derek, a demented wild man, ties Ivy up on a heap of truck tires and then stuffs his insane cock down her throat while he snorts with the Hitachi. Ivy is DerekAC/a!a,,C/s little plaything as he persistently teases her, her pussy and her mouth with a zapper, and canes her delicate feet and thighs until she is in agony. He then whips up a frenzy with his hungry pussy, which causes her to eat more until she is unable to control her pain. In her very first scene of BDSM, Ivy LeBelle runs into some Hard Luck anal!

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