Kristen Scott in Cattle Prod School Of Submission: Kristen Scott Day 4

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From: kinkfeatures

Date: July 4, 2019

Kristen Scott is smiling and enjoying her fourth day at Kink's School of Submission. Day 3 felt like the most difficult day for her, and she's proud to have made it. After inspecting his pet and taking off her clothing, the Pope then proceeds to play with a toy for a while before beginning the last push. Kristen lies on her stomach and The Pope puts her in an extremely difficult position. It is fascinating to watch her struggle to reach this point and to find any comfort. Every rope has a purpose and is placed where it should be. Kristen can be seen teetering between her top and her toes after the Pope has finished. To enforce what is being said and to have fun, the cattle prod is called in. Kristen knows that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. Her body is limited and she must be restrained in another position. Kristen is found on Kristen's side, with her leg in the air. Before the dildo arrives and The Pope fists Kristen, she is shocked and caned. Before he gets to her pussy, his signature shake begins. She is about to burst when he finally gets there. Kristen is then pulled out of the box and placed in a severe hanged man suspension. She is forced to again orgasm to show that she's the most fucked woman on the planet. She is permitted to freely orgasm in her master's arms as the day draws to a close, and she will be rewarded with the opportunity to worship his boots. She will always remember him as the one who could have taken her on this adventure.

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