Lennox in Dildos You Haven't Had A Hard Day In A Long Time

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Date: May 3, 2019

Lady Lennox uses her cuck husband just like she does with all men, even when she is not fiddling his best friend. Under her stunning plump thighs, she makes him struggle for breath. HeaEUR(tm),she says, is like a small boy. She's so disappointed that hormones have not helped him grow in three months. She says that there is no money. She made Francesco take over her job at Francesco's car dealership. FrancescoaEUR(tm), a car dealer, is his job. Lennox grabs her crop and flies his small cock. Then, she turns and sits in a reverse position above his head. She leans forward to kiss him on both of her cheeks. aEURoeFrancesco had been telling everybody at work that he fucks with me, and she doesnaEUR(tm), to make him feel worse. She laughs that aEURoeHeaEUR (tm) has probably seen photos of him sucking his dick. She now puts her weight on him and he sighs. He suggests she invite her friends to come sit with him all night. She also mentions that some women are so kinky that they will want to use his full bathroom. She finally sits down and tells her husband she's had a tough day. He sighs and she says, "AEURoeUniquely you," as her thoughts drift to Francesco.

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