Moxxie Maddron in Tattooed Moxxie Maddron

Tags: Tattooed   Blowjob   Brunette

Category: Deep Throat

From: throated

Date: August 22, 2008

You are not being deceived by your eyes -- Moxxie Maddron's BACK is what you see. It's Groundhog Day, Bill Murray! If there is a moment I'd like to live over and again it's when I see Moxxie Maddron have a really bad, painful throat. MoxxieA lost some footage from her last Throated scene so we asked her to do it again. She kept it real this time...real NASTY! Moxxie was taunted by the guys until she became crazed and entered throat impeding overdrive. We needed to get a mop for all of the mess she made as she shifted into fifth gear. This was MoxxieA’s best blowjob scene. It was filthy, with moxxie'A's dedication to the deepthroat and an epic finale that saw her not waste any of it. *Monique*

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