Owen Gray in discipline Pleasure Training: Dolly Leigh Thetrainingofo.com

Tags: Discipline   Bondage   Rope Bondage   Gimp   Female Slave   Bdsm   Fingering   Humiliation

Category: Domination

From: thetrainingofo

Date: June 20, 2017

Dolly Leigh is sitting on the bed in the well-lit white bedroom, her skirt down and fingering her breasts. James Mogul is dressed in black and asking Dolly questions about her fantasies, while Owen Grey, The Gimp, jerks away in the corner. Dolly often fantasizes about being tied up and instructed how to worship cock. She wants to become a fuck-toy who is observant and obeyant. DollyA is able to have all her sexy desires fulfilled by James Mogul and Owen Grey, our Gimp. James immediately gets to work and attaches DollyA’s wrists to a rope. He then lowers DollyA to her knees and holds her head. DollyA is now ready to learn. There are four steps in cock worship: observe, touch, delight, and enjoy the cock. Dolly manages to get the hang of it after a few attempts at the flogger, although this is not an easy task. James next has Dolly in french doorframe tied with rope and breast bondage to each of the six hinges. Next, Dolly is smashed against her stomach by a vibe attached to her inner hip. An electrode delivering a charge to her leg via a tens unit is also found on Dolly's thigh. Mogul orders Dolly not to cum, despite her desire to. The flogger pays her for letting one slip. Dolly keeps her orgasms to a minimum and is rewarded by Moguls pressing down on her g spot, sending Dolly flying for the greatest orgasm she has ever experienced. Dolly next gets tied up with a doggie, pile driver and missionary. Owen Grey, "The Gimp", stretches DollyA’s pussy using his fat dick. Mogul then crops DollyA's pussy and burns any of her natural tits.

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