Sebastian Keys in slave Mr Keys Takes The House Slave To The Next Level

Tags: Slave   Pain   Humiliation   The Wall   Bdsm   Rough Sex   Submission   Corporal Punishment   Rimming

Category: Bondage

From: boundgods

Date: July 28, 2016

Jackson Fillmore is Master Sebastian Keys' newest house slave. Jackson is first held in duct tape bondage for days, with Master Keys beating and playing along. Jackson must be released from the tapes that hold him, and then he has to escape his prisoner of conscience. Master Keys tortures Jackson with his crop and digs deep into Jackson's inner thoughts. Jackson must understand why he wants to feel pain in order to be able to go on. JacksonA is suspended from the ceiling by Master Keys, who unleashes all of Master Keys's flogger power on him. Jackson accepts the pain and feels his masterAs hard cock fill his sockhole. Master Keys fists Jackson until Jackson can't contain his excitement and then coats JacksonAs naked body with his fuck liquid. Jackson proudly passes the challenge, and releases a cumstream that drips across the floor.

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