The Joy of Suffering

Tags: Torture   Rough Sex   Henna Hex   2017

Category: BDSM porn


Date: May 05, 2017

The entire world was black. As I was dragged into the space, I tried to feel with feet and my palms. The silence inside the leather was deafening. I had no idea what to expect. I were beaten. I had worked for Paintoy at which I was severely beaten. On Hardtied I was used sexually for pleasure. With OT although I didn't know what might happen.The alloy was cold against my skin. The pipe I was attached to has been too low to stand right, but too high for me to kneel or sit. I could see him studying my entire body as I struggled. His warped mind visualizing exactly what devilish pleasures he would visit upon me.The apparatus is much more flexible than I could have ever envisioned. He enhances it and lifts your own body in whatever position he needs it to be presented by it. It s so simple yet so cruel. I can ' t help but flinch when he eventually approaches together with the whip. The fracture gets me every moment, although I adore the feeling on my skin. His goal couldn't be better since my nipples and clit are the first to receive his attention. My appreciation escapes my lips freely.The contortions I put me are just intended to display my body for his amusement. The discomfort he frees to me is bliss.

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