Victoria Rose in HDV Toe sucking is medicinal!

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From: hotlegsandfeet

Date: December 13, 2009

Victoria Rose, a beautiful Czech babe. I recently hurt my ankle walking on cobblestone streets. This is funny, because I am from Prague and have been walking on the stones all my life. After a quick walk in the countryside, my ankle started hurting so I stopped walking and sat down to rest. The man behind me came out and asked me for help. He had a large chainsaw in his hands. It looked like he was working. He was named Steve Q. and he was very sweet. This is the type of man I love. He gripped my leg, examined my foot, and began to rub my ankle. It still hurt, but it wasn't as much as I had expected. I liked his work and didn't want him to stop. My foot was lifted up and he began sucking and licking my toes. Needless to say, I forget about the pain and simply enjoyed his company. As he was sucking the toes from my other toes, I began to rub my feet on the cock. Steve then pulled out his cock and I started to stroke his cock using my foot between the big and little toes. As he grew larger, I wrapped my other foot around the cock. Steve was on my back so I climbed up and wrapped my legs around him. I then pulled down my shirt and threw my pants to one side, and began playing with his pussy. Steve climbed up onto my back and lifted my dress over his tight, tanned legs. Then he rose from his knees to grab my feet and I went straight back to his foot. Steve began to kiss me and start licking my hair. Then he got up, he leaned over and lifted my legs. He then grabbed both my feet and pulled them apart. As he fished my feet with long, hard strokes, I could feel my cock start to throb on my bottoms. Then he let go of my feet while I teased him and rubbed his balls and cock. Steve rolled me over on my back, and I then wrapped my feet around his long, hard cock. I stroked his feet up and down till he shot my cum everywhere. Feeling much happier and as joyful as possible, I began to rub my feet together with warm cream cum.

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